Discarding Winter Clothes

I have been doing rather well I feel regarding discarding some old things I still like, love, but just don’t use anymore. The other day I went to get a windjacket from the attic and stumbled upon some winter coats. Some of them have been in that box up there all alone, unused since I moved into this place. That was about 3 winters ago…^^ Where’s the point in keeping them up there then, I thought to myself? They were all in a very good condition and very good quality winter coats.

tn_watermarked-winter clothes

Having connections with people living in Mongolia, I gave myself a kick and sent them off with a friend that came visiting. Their winters are much, but much harder than ours. They would be delighted to have a nice, nearly-new, lovely winter coat to wear for the following winters.

It was so hard for me to let go in the last few years, but now I felt ready. It felt good to let go, and it feels good knowing that they will be used this following winter, somewhere out there, and make someone else happy instead of spending another winter yet up in my attic…

I think I just gained another bit of freedom ❤


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