Friday Flow #11: The Art Of Travelling On Your Own

I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.

(Oscar Wilde)


Many people look at me a bit bewildered when I tell them I’m off for a holiday on my own. They don’t understand why a person would want to do that. I do it most of the time. And I feel it’s very important to do it.

See, I have far more days off from work in a year than my partner does. So why should I not take the oportunity and go travel abroad somewhere while I can? Someone asked me the other day if I would not be able to find a friend to come with me. Maybe I could, but to be honest: I stopped asking… I would get tired of constantly trying to find someone to travel with, and most of the times you ended up having different opinions about where to go and how to spend your day. So I just stopped asking people. It’s very difficult to find a person you feel comfortable travelling with.

So ever since my very first journey on my own in 2003 I’ve done countless journeys abroad alone. And I love it! Here are five of the main reasons why I prefer to travel on my own:

1. You get to do whatever you like whenever you like and go after all of your personal needs instantly.

2. You can plan your day at your own pace, get up whenever you want and never have to wait for anybody else, nor do you feel rushed because someone else is waiting for you.

3. You get to know much more people. When you’re travelling in a group, other people tend not to approach you because the group seems unbreakable. Lone travellers find it much easier to get in contact with other individuals or groups.

3. You can leave the newly acquainted group at any time again without feeling guilty or anything, because you’re doing your thing anyhow.

4. You really get to know yourself much better and what your ideas, needs and preferences are. You learn how to take care of yourself.

5. After the experience, you will find that you grew as a person in many different ways and feel much more confident all in all.

Of course there are some disadvantages like feeling a bit lonely at times or having to pay more for certain facilities, but now I really feel a journey on my own every once in a while helps me to come down and have a closer look at myself and my life and try to get back into the track that seems right for me at the moment. It helps me to get to know myself better and to listen to myself and the things I need at this certain time. It helps me to get confidence and stand my ground whenever needed. I wouldn’t want to miss this.

I remember how I used to hate going into a restaurant on my own for a meal and nearly died with embarasment. I found myself not caring a bit about that this time. I feel content enough taking myself out for a meal and enjoy spending the time with my own thoughts.

It is not unusual that I feel different people, specially in a group, eyening me curiously. You can nearly feel their sort of pity for me or hear their thoughts about what a sad person I am to be sitting there all on my own. But they’re wrong. I’d be a sad person if I sat at home wishing I was out on the road! And at least I have the guts to do it😊

PS: this post will be reviewed shortly and more adequate pictures will be added as soon  as I’m back at my home computer again.


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