Friday Flow #10: Beautiful Arrangements Because You Matter :)

because you matter cappuccino

Are you one of these persons that don’t like cooking for themselves? That just eat whatever, wherever, because there’s no one there at the moment to share your meal with? No? Well then – you’re very lucky 🙂 And I admire you 😀

I’m one of those persons. Most of the times, if I have to cook only for myself, I just do whatever and end up eating my food in front of the telly with a good movie. Or worse – shame on me – in front of the computer!

The other day I thought about it. Why not make yourself a beautifully arranged breakfast as well, because you matter? And funny enough – around that time a friend told me that her friend suggested she’d also arrange her food and things beautifully as she would do it for someone else. That only by looking at something beautifully arranged, you’d feel a pitch happier 🙂

I had done a tiny first step into that when I visited a friend of mine nearly fifteen years ago. We didn’t have much for breakfast then, but she cut everything in half so that we both shared our breakfast things together, and specially, she arranged it all so beautifully that it made me feel very happy and at home then in that dark winter morning. I took one idea with me and ever since I’ve been lighting candles whenever I’d have a meal, not only when company was over, but also when I was on my own. I still do that most of the meals up to this day and it always brings back that homey beautiful feeling I felt back then.

And yeah, take your time and try it out every once in a while – it’s truly worth it! The other morning on my day off I arranged my breakfast beautifully on the table, I bought myself some flowers and it was a truly memorable breakfast that gave me a sense of happiness that lasted all day long 🙂

beautiful breakfast
gorgeous breakfast of arepas with cheese and coffee ❤

Try to prepare your food beautifully for yourself as well – because you matter! ❤


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