Coming soon: Tidy-Up-Challenge-Video #2

I’m currently working on the Endless-Tidy-Up-Challenge-Video #2 featuring days 44-100, so, bear with me. Looking at those pictures in a row made me laugh really hard while trying to find an adequate song to go with it. Not because of the song options, but because the pictures for the video don’t seem to change at all!!! It makes me look so messy and unorganized and incapable!!! How embarrassing 😀

So here’s why I’m doing this little post ahead of the video-post: a mere attempt at making me look a bit better, because I can assure you that I’ve been working hard and improving some little bits and pieces!!! 😉 Let me show you:

1.) I cleared out my desk as you can read in this former post here. I did good! I was really proud 😀 The thing is… I have to confess… I’m not quite sure how long it did last – fact is that it’s quite messy already again :-S … Does that still count?

1.b) This has nothing to do with my room but hey – I cleaned out the tea cabinet, made room, sorted out… And yes – it still looks as tidy even to this day 😉 !


2.) I cleared out, cleaned and redecorated the window sill. I changed the curtains to make the room look brighter. I’m pretty pleased with it, and yes, it still looks that way 😉 Do I need to mention that everything that didn’t go back on the window sill is littering my bedroom floor now? So yes, another thing that is actually done but doesn’t quite seem like it on the video;)

tn_watermarked-window sill

3.) I cleared out, cleaned and redecorated my bedside cabinet. And it still looks as inspiring and gorgeous as the first day after ❤

tn_bedside cabinet

4.) I got rid of loooooooooooooads of rubbish on my computer and sorted out tons of files that were scattered all over the place… I can’t really document that with a photograph, but trust me, it’s true 😉

5.) Aaaaaand – last but not least – I sorted out the mess above my closet, bought some shelf to move some of the less looked at photo albums up there to make more storage room on the Billy shelf to the right of the room. I’m hoping I can get some of the mess lying around the floor into that space to clear out more!

6.) The next Brocki-bag is nearly full and ready to deliver! And it’s not been so long since I delivered the last one!

So yeah, I’m doing small but constant progress… I’ve also finally gotten round to order Marie Kondo’s book! Can’t wait… 🙂

Come back and have a look at the new video, coming soon 🙂 !!!


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