Yeah – Another One Is Gone!

I’m quite proud of myself… I brought another bag filled with stuff to the Brocki this morning 🙂 It’s the 5th bag now – and I’ve filled this one much more after I took the picture.Brocki Bag #5

The thing that makes me more proud though is that I managed going to the Brocki without scanning anything – I just went in there, dropped the bag at reception, and left again. Usually I’m always scanning for nice little treasures but I can’t be bothered by them at the moment^^.

The new bag is already filling quick! I usually trade, sell or give away many things on several online-marketplaces but I really got to the point where I just don’t have the energy to photograph each item, describe it, push it to the top of the lists to get rid of it^^. We’ve had a really beautiful week full of sunshine, and sunshine always makes me feel like change,  cleaning, decluttering, getting rid of things… So I’m holding on to that string with all my strength right now 😀


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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