Giving Away My Snowboard

A few weeks ago I bought myself a new snowboard, so I really wanted to give away my old one to someone for free. I set up an online announcement and somehow nobody would bite. Then, a few asked about it but didn’t want to come and pick it up. Later again, other people asked if they could have it to do crafts with it like a bench or so (which is a good idea actually, but wasn’t really the plan).

I just didn’t want to put it out on the street for someone to take it and sell it – I wanted a young beginner to have it.

I nearly gave up, until a lad wrote and said he’d like to have it for his daughter. I was more than happy!

When he came to pick it up, I told him how happy I was that his daughter would get it, and that I wished her well. He would not really look me in the eye and picked it up without leaving many words. Later on I kept wondering if he took it to sell it and just told me a story…^^ On the other hand – he didn’t seem to speak the language very well, and there are customs in other countries where you just don’t really do eye contact with the person you’re talking to, or maybe he was a bit ashamed that he couldn’t speak the language very well.

I’d like to stick with the latter story, but in the end – who knows? 😉


A penny for your thoughts... <3

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