Friday Flow #7: The Joy of Upcycling Things

This is one of the things that is getting more and more popular these days: upcycling. Maybe you’re in the middle of it already and are crafting around with passion on whatever you find laying around at home. Maybe you’ve not heard of it before.

We live in a world full of things. We buy lots of things, we use them, for a while, or sometimes not for so long. Each thing gets worn out after a while, or starts tiring you. Some people tend to throw these things away. Others donate them to charity or such. Some things can be recycled, things like glass, cardboard, books, paper and so on. Others will be given a new life – by upcycling them. It basically means giving a new use or purpose to an already worn or used object.

Wikipedia describes:

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

There is a certain thrill into thinking of something new to make out of your old object. You feel alive when letting your creativity flow without boundaries. Some projects end up being really lovely, others are a bit crappy and you’d start all over again.

Besides making you feel good about creating something, upcycling has other positive aspects. The main one would be the main purpose which is the word itself – to upcycle an old object, turn it into something new, and give our planet a little time to breath. We ought to think mindfully about our planet – its sources won’t be around forever, so thinking about every object before buying it or then, throwing it away again, is of course only a drop of water on a hot stone, but it’s a beginning. Also – nothing is more rewarding than an appraising smile after handing out something self-made to a dear friend.

There are tons of ideas for upcycling floating around the internet, some are truly fantastic! Every once in a while, you come up with an own idea. Some are good. Others not 😉 But you move on and try again, or try something new.

Let me share some of my ideas with you regarding upcycling with glass: there are lots of glass containers in all sorts of shapes that we use in our daily household. With some of them, you can actually do pretty neat things like little vases or candle holders. Let me show you a few of my own creations:

watermarked-upcycling 1

This candle holder was actually a facial cream container. I peeled the sticker off the container and cleaned it well. Then I stuck some masking tape around the container, flattening it with my fingernails and some scissors. And that’s basically it! The cool thing is that you can always change the pattern by just changing the masking tape around it, so you can use it for a long time without getting tired of it 🙂watermarked-upcycling 2

This glass container I found amongst my things, and I have no clue where it came from. I guess it must have been something from our kitchen, but I’m not sure. Again, here, I just cleaned it very well and decorated it with some lace and shells to give it a nostalgic look. I turned it into a cotton stick container which looks lovely in our bathroom now 🙂

watermarked-upcycling 4

This glass container here held some olive oil sample. The shape was just way too pretty to get rid of, so I kept it. Without even decorating it but just using it as a vase for small flowers, I’ve upcycled an object that makes me very very happy, as simple as it is 🙂watermarked-upcycling 3

Last, but not least: this used to be a bottle of cough syrup. I really liked the shape so I kept it and cleaned it thoroughly. After that, I spraypainted it with white spray paint and let it dry properly. I stuck some masking tape around it and added some hemp string which I glued above and below the masking tape. Now it keeps my dried little flowers as a deco object in my room and I must say – I love it !

Maybe these ideas help you get inspired and thinking about upcycling. If so – it’s my pleasure, and I wish you lots of fun and creativity with it

5 thoughts on “Friday Flow #7: The Joy of Upcycling Things

  1. Love your upcycling ideas. My daughters are much better at this than I am and it is such fun resuming items that would normally go into he trash. My favorite was the cotton stick container. You can find some great ideas on Pinterest too. My friend is having a sip and swap party – we are all bringing items we no longer want to swap with others. One of the main focuses is upcycling someone else’s items.

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    1. Ah, thank you Sandy for your lovely comment – it means a lot ❤ ! Yes, pinterest is a great inspiration to me as well for upcycling ideas:) Wow, and that sip and swap party sounds fantastic!!! What a great idea, and a fun one you can do with friends as well :)!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts ❤

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  2. What a great idea, I am sure going to start looking at things differently. We reuse coffee cans as change jars and large glass pickle containers for the same reason, but I never thought about making them pretty! Thanks for adding this to “What are you working on?” Wednesday, you’ve certainly inspired me!

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    1. Aaaah, that’s grand!!! What better feeling can you get than someone telling you you’ve inspired them :D? Thanks a lot nikki, I truly appreciate it ❤ Masking tape, glass or spray paing, ribbons and lace do great jobs on making the glass look more pretty 🙂


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