(…Belated!) Friday Flow #5: Being Sick In A Wee Bit Happier Way

I guess like most of us around this time of year, Mr. Flu paid me a visit and didn’t want to leave anymore. He was so possessive and getting all of my attention that I, shamefully, completely forgot about my Friday Flow post!!! My oh my!!! Since I’m pretty new to blogging and blogging life, I guess I have another small excuse 😉 But I’ll have to think this through again and try to pre-write the posts then and just schedule them along – is that what you all do as well with featurettes?

Anyhow – So my belated Friday Flow for you will be about how to, despite feeling miserably ill, make your days pass around with a wee bit more happiness. Of couse you all know what’s best for you when you’re sick and what potentially makes you feel better:

  • Drink lots (…and I mean: LOTS) of fluids, specially tea – also add a bit of honey for your throat
  • Keep warm – don’t even try to take this one easy – as soon as you feel a little chill: cover up!
  • Rest! Rest rest rest… lots!
  • Eat lots of fruits (specially oranges, lemons / limes, grapefruits) and veggies to keep your immunsystem going

So you all knew about that I’m sure. But then, these are the little things that make me feel a bit happier despite being sick:

  • Wear your favourite, most cuddly PJ’s
  • Change resting places (if possible of course!) as much as you can and swap often between beds and sofas or wherever else you might find a good rest – it keeps you from getting bored of the surroundings too easily (and meanwhile you get to air the other room 😉 )
  • Wear those cuddly socks you might have in your closet somewhere in a forgotten corner that look just hideous but keep you comfortably warm 😉
  • Watch your favourite TV shows / movies or grab a book you’ve wanted to read for a long while – this will keep you entertained and still, you’re resting your body
  • Listen to your favourite CD’s with eyes closed – listen mindfully to them and try to distinguish the different voices and instruments
  • Get out those beautiful tissues you keep aside for better moments – use them now because despite of everything, nothing might be more delightful in that moment than blowing your nose into a beautiful and colourful cheery looking tissue 😉
Colourful tissues can be found pretty much everywhere. They offer a wee little bit of comfort when you're feeling sick.
Colourful tissues can be found pretty much everywhere. They offer a wee little bit of comfort when you’re feeling sick.

So long – I hope you’re all healthy and well and enjoying life ❤


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