The Luxury of Allowing Yourself a Nap

Today, my day off from work. I get up early, I do lots of things, but start feeling a bit unwell. Drink some fruit juice, pop in a vitamin pill and do some more stuff. In the end – not really doing much better. And then, a side glance at the sofa. My lovely, purple, invitinglooking sofa… and I think: ah, what the hell… Curl up myself on it with a magazine I’ve wanted to read for a long while and never found the time to. Feeling sleepy already, the sun starts shining – nothing nicer than just allowing yourself to take a nap.

You might think – what, but the sun is out?! Shouldn’t you rather be doing something outside then and enjoy the upcoming spring? No. I don’t feel like it. The biggest gift to me at that moment is to just let go of all the things I’m supposed to be doing and live that moment and do what makes me happiest in exactly that moment: nap. Napping while the sun shines gives me a good feeling of privilege, because I’m allowing myself to do something apparently unworthy. And it gives me a lovely sense of holiday – we always nap during our summer holidays, don’t we? Somewhere by the lake, park, or beach?

I set my alarm clock to 35min later – I know if I overdo it I get too sleepy and groggy and you can toss me away for the rest of the day, and still – I should be doing stuff, remember? I happily snooze 3 more times after the alarm clock goes off, get up, open up the windows and air the apartment, listen to the sounds emerging from a beautiful pre-spring afternoon in early March. I look at the pile of clothes scattered on the carpet, waiting to be foldet. Five full loads of clothes… I’m not procrastinating – I’m just savouring my happy little moment first, stretching it for a bit, allow myself to have a lovely cup of chai first… and then I’m motivated enough to do it 😉

Treat yourself kindly whenever you can ❤

my chai before I take care of the waiting pile of clothes

3 thoughts on “The Luxury of Allowing Yourself a Nap

  1. Aww I just had a similar experience yesterday when I just didn’t feel like doing the usual and instead, grabbed my kindle to collect taxes from my villagers (tribe building game) and then read a few chapters from The Happiness Project. No nap but yeah, guilty feeling be damned 😉

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