Cleaning Up: My Desk

Guys, I’m REALLY trying hard here 😉 I know it doesn’t look so in the pictures, and actually, the new ones (which I haven’t published yet), look worse! I just figured I must start somewhere specific and cleaned and decluttered my desk. This is what it looked like afterwards:

nice and tidy :)
nice and tidy 🙂

Of course, you might already guess it: most of what was on it is now on the floor, but at least the desk looks tidy and clean 🙂 I tried hard to keep Marie Kondo’s sentence “if it doesn’t make you happy – let it go” and it has worked quite well so far – at least for the desk^^. Decluttered all of my pens and pencils, sharpened them, tossed away the dry ones (…can’t tell you how many!!!) and must say it feels great 🙂

The problem now is how to KEEP it clean and tidy – the first few days I organised it every night before going to sleep, but I must confess I haven’t done it anymore in the last few days, so it’s slowly merging into the way it used to be, which makes me want to clean it up again right after I finished this post…!

Another thing you can’t see is how I’ve actually been busy decluttering my computer. My last computer broke down a while ago, and I’m still trying to figure out if I have all of the files on my new one now (…don’t ask…) and filing old pictures and data into their correct space. At the same time I keep realising in amazement how much JUNK one tends to keep in the files section… So – off most of it goes (most of the stuff can now be found quite easily on the world wide web, so no reason to keep a file about it^^), and slowly but surely I’m getting a satusfactory sense of more freedom and peace in mind *g*.


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