New Weekly Feature: Friday Flow

So, barely a month into blogging, I’d like to try out a weekly feature. I’ve been having some ideas and eventually settled on the name “Friday Flow”.

Why Friday Flow?

Fridays are my busiest days of the week. I work all day long, work needs extra care to finish up everything of the last week and prepare for the following week. After work, I rush around trying not to miss buses, trams and trains, to safely get to my sports club. By the time I’m back home it’s near midnight and the only thing I’d like to do then is shower and sleep for 15 hours straight 🙂 I’m sure I’m not the only one having a tough Friday, so I thought this specific feature would be a nice way to share some beautiful thougths, stories, tips, art, photographs, ideas, music, or whatever other neat things are around in this planet and worth sharing, to give you a lovely end of a hard working week ❤

Why Flow?

I like the word flow. It flows from your tongue. It flows around in the air after you said it. Let your thoughts flow. Go with the flow (alltough I sometimes really like doing the oposite 😉 ). It’s short. It’s neat. It’s beautiful.

German flow magazine issue #7
German flow magazine issue #7

So the first thing I’d like to share with you on this new “Friday Flow” issue is a magazine called “flow” – matching the featurette’s name. I just bought myself the latest copy and can’t wait to start reading it. Or, wait, indeed I can – I like leaving the magazine in a place where I can always look at it, it fills me with happy anticipation 😀 (I sometimes also even like leaving my presents untouched to savour the joy of being able to unwrap them anytime soon^^).

I stumbled upon an issue not even a year ago, but I dare say it has changed my life. It has filled it with more happiness. With more creativity. With more ideas. I love sitting on my bed late at night and going over an article or two before going to sleep, it’s so enriching. Featured topics of the magazine would have a wide range, for instance:

  • DIY / upcycling
  • crafts instructions
  • recipes
  • psychological articles on whatever is current in our general lifestyle
  • ideas
  • introducing interesting people and what they do
  • extras
  • …and so much more!

I’ve never read a magazine before that made you feel so good after flipping through some pages. That made you happy. That filled you with happy and positive ideas. It is simply BEAU-TI-FUL!  And also – it has given me a lovely slogan I like telling myself when I get distressed or worried:

live mindfully!

Because, truly, our time on this planet is limited…

The magazine is issued in three languages: Dutch, English and German. It is sold in many different countries. So go and try finding it in your local newspaper shop or kiosk if you’re curious, you’ll not regret it 😉 I can recommend it to anyone interested in creative minds and a happy, healthy lifestyle.

The flow magazine has brought a lot of joy into my life. I hope it will bring joy to yours ❤


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