Tidy-Up-Challenge Video, Days 1-43

I’m currently about 43 day into my Tidy-Up-Challenge and had the chance to sort out the pictures I’ve taken and set up a small video for that.

First: I like it 🙂

Second:  I realized that it doesn’t seem like I’ve been tidying up my room at all :-S…

I feel somewhat ashamed! Alltough I can reassure you that I’ve been tidying around, clearing out loads of things, bringing parcels to charity and stuff to the Brocki (charity shop) – 3 big parcels / bags each! But looking at the video: it doesn’t seem like that at all. It looks as if I’ve been pushing around my mess from one corner to the other… I really have to get going, to change my strategy, to try to finish up long-lasting-projects and stop procrastinating lots of things laying around here…

In the other hand:

* For this challenge, I only count the days I’ve been spending at home and would have actually had the oportunity to do something. So, to me it feels I’m on this for longer than I was actually able to.

* I have been very, very, VERY busy with work these past three weeks, so no time to do much clearing around after getting home late, tired and worn.

* …I have no other excuse…

So I’m left here to gather up my pieces of motivation to get going with this one. I’ll keep you updated;) And if you have any suggestions or tips – post them here, share them, motivate me 😀 And don’t forget to fill out my poll here: https://mymessyworldhere.wordpress.com/endless-tidy-up-project-2/

*=* about the video *=*

– it took me a while to figure out how to create a video, so bare with me…;)

– after a few days I found out a way to somewhat get the same piece of image of my bedroom every single day, that’s why the first images are a bit messy and don’t really match the rest;) You realise when it get’s better during the video.

– photographs are taken last thing before I go to bed at night, no flash being used for it.

– I hold the camera with my hands, no tripod is being used for this.

– music used for the video is “Chasing Petticoats” by Pubside Down – used with their kind permission http://www.pubsidedown.ch for more info.


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