Daily Discard Challenge

I just came across this person blogging about her DDC (=Daily Discard Challenge) which I think it’s a very neat idea:) I’ve read about it in a few magazines before and even thought about doing so for this upcoming year, but since I’m new to blogging I wasn’t sure how to start and by the time I opened my blog it was already halfway through January 🙂 So I’ll keep this one in mind and hope she manages the challenge successfully :)!

I also found this very interesting article about having too much stuff in our lives – check it out here:


Old Yarns and Woolly Thoughts

Happy New Year 2015!

It’s a new year and time for a new resolution. Keeping to resolutions has never been something that I’ve been able to manage for any length of time, whether made at the start of a new year, during Lent, or at any other time for that matter. I don’t have much will power!

On the 1st of January 2015 I decided that it’s time to start shedding all the accumulated junk I’ve managed to collect over 50+ years. Having made this somewhat tentative resolution, I was further inspired by hearing Dr Teresa Belton, an academic at the University of East Anglia,  speak on Woman’s Hour the other day about how embracing modest consumerism as a lifestyle can lead to happiness and have a positive effect not only on our own state of mind but also on our surroundings. This echoed my own thoughts to a ‘T’…

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A penny for your thoughts... <3

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