The Urge to Declutter

Someone once told me, that if you ever had the feeling you could let go of something, you should seize the chance and let it go, before you think about it once more…!

So here I am, trying to seize the chances that come upon me and gather all my things I don’t need anymore and put them aside for the charity shop. Or, more popular over here than charity shops, the so called “Brocki’s”, an abreviation of “Brockenstube” or “Brockenhaus”, which literally means something like “living room of pieces” / “house of pieces”. I totally love the idea of those – you bring them pretty things you don’t use anymore and they re-sell them for money. Most of those Brockis are indeed involved in charity, others are part of community work – places that give immigrants or socially affected persons a job and sell good stuff for very little money to poor people, the hipster community or anyone willing to look around there for interesting little treats.

one of my Brocki bags I brought today
one of my Brocki bags I brought today

There are all sorts of Brockis here in Switzerland. I once used to live near a “posh” one, as I like calling it. The owners were utterly selective about what they would accept from you – pick out the “best pieces” (in their eyes…) and politely hand you back the rest with an excuse that nobody would want to buy such stuff, or they already had enough of that sort. I could never understand them, because the things I brought were really nice and not broken at all, and I was sure someone would be very happy to have them! So I would reluctantly take the remaining things home and store them somewhere, put them online to give away for free or ask around my friends if someone would be happy to have a specific item of those rejected at the Posh Brocki. Their attitude really got to me, because in fact, they were reselling most of the things for horrendous prices – tiny pieces of cute fabric for over 8 bucks, Nepalese praying flags for 20 (!!!) bucks and so on. At some point, I was just too annoyed with them to bother bringing them things anymore…

Now, in my new neighbourhood, there is a totally different sort of Brocki – a Brocki that would take EVERYTHING you hand them. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that you could literally bring A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!! The great thing about it is: there are people who actually buy those things! And it makes me happy :). I remember being made fun of what I had just put into my Brocki-giveaway-bag, and later on when entering that specific Brocki that same person agreeing with me that, in fact, there really was no problem with bringing that there, because it would surely find a new owner soon! So I happily collect all my decluttered stuff and bring it over every once in a while. And it truly does make me feel happier, makes me feel a bit lighter in my heart and head, a tiny step into feeling more comfortable with my ongoing mess and chaos here at home 🙂

PS: the problem with bringing stuff to a Brocki is that you end up going over all their stuff to find a little something to treat yourself with 😉 My collectors heart / passion / instinct / addiction guides me to have a quick peek through the shelves and I always end up bringing something home – this time some nice books like a Jamie Oliver cooking book or a lovely old fashioned book to use as an art journal. Two steps forwards, one backwards. Slowly but surely getting there 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Urge to Declutter

  1. hahaha I love roaming around Brocki’s (or the equivalent here) but I always find myself picking up stuff I don’t need. You speak about decluttering and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while. Have to have that ruthlessness!


    1. yeah, I totally get you 😀 There’s ALWAYS something neat you could use to decorate or something that would be perfect for whatever occasion… I always push myself into thinking everything over again before I check out, making myself to bring back stuff again. The pile I eventually buy gets smaller, and as long as it’s way smaller than the content of the bags I brought then I won 😉 Thanks for your comment 🙂

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  2. Good luck trying to declutter. It’s really hard to get rid of STUFF, which is weird because even if you haven’t used it, touched it, seen it in forever you have an attachment that can’t be explained. I think the less things you have though, the more you appreciate them individually and utilize them. I try to declutter every now and then (it’s easy when I am forced to move every 3 years). Interesting read! Feel free to meander over to our blog & leave us some love as well, we have great tips for organizing you may be interested in.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind reply – I agree with what you say! It’s interesting how some people get more emotionally attached to THINGS than other… Thank again – and your page sounds great – I’ll certainly have a look at it 🙂


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