The Endless Straighten-Up-My-Bedroom Project

There aren’t many points in my life when I recall having a perfectly tidy bedroom. I think I could count them with both my hands… I have never had a problem with my mess – altough it seemed to be very unorganized, I always ended up finding everything I wanted and always knew where I had left what thing behind, or what pile I had to lift in order to find it. Lately it has gotten a bit out of control though^^.  There have been times I just couldn’t find my stuff anymore, even though I thought I knew I had left it somewhere around that corner. Sometimes I literally even lost things, never to be found again…

I realized  I was in deeper trouble than I thought and wanted to do something about it. I set myself a goal – to have a perfectly tidy room by Christmas 2014. I started taking a picture of my bedroom every night before I went to sleep, to see the so-called-progress… After a while I realized there wasn’t much change to be seen, and my goal to be done by Christmas, what with all the Christmas present preparations to be done, another unreachable thing to do.

day 1
day 1

I told myself I didn’t want to stress myself out and decided to swap the whole thing into a fun project. It could take me forever, yeah, but wouldn’t it be nice to just see the small progress I’d do day by day? To be honest – sometimes I don’t really see much progress at all… but I know it’s there – like when I managed to file all of my bills and papers into my binders – finally! You wouldn’t be able to see a difference in the pictures, but knowing that I managed made me somewhat feel a bit proud 😉

So this is my endless straighten-up-my-bedroom project 🙂 My goal would be to have a nice and tidy bedroom sometime during this year. Maybe I’ll manage, maybe I won’t. But at least this keeps me focused on my task and who knows – maybe we can share one or the other tip together? Like, how do you keep your home tidy? Is there any special trick you’re using or anything like that? Keep me updated 🙂


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